Things No One Ever Tells You When You Buy a House

Hello and welcome to my new blog! Some of you may be familiar with my knitting/crafty blog: kelseyknits. I’m not going to stop crafting or posting on that blog. Rather I needed a new space to share and express my fun adventures in home-ownership.

For backdrop, I’ve been a home-owner for a total of ehhhh 11 days. I’ve already laughed and I’ve already cried. When people tell you that buying a house and moving in is a major life event, they are not wrong. I would say that we are about 85% moved out of the old apartment and into the house. I think if we gave it a few good hours over a weekend and a vehicle large enough to move the medium-sized furniture, we could get it done in a few hours. As you may be able to hear from the complaining tone in my voice/written word, I am so over moving. My body feels physically weak from the prospect of hiking up to the third floor walk-up, strategically carrying furniture down the three flights of said walk-up cement stairs, loading into a vehicle and driving it to the new house to then carry it up a flight of stairs. I know, I know. It has to be done.

One thing you learn that no one really tells you when you move into a new home (especially as a first-time home buyer) is that there is a long list of shit you didn’t know you needed. This includes (but not limited to): storage containers, yard gloves, whatever you use to trim/prune the nature in your yard, a lawnmower, garage stuff, power tools, a ladder, caulking material, a caulking gun, washer/dryer, space heater, microwave, and the list goes on. I guess one benefit to buying right before the holidays is not only the sales but also this is a great time of year to put some/most of this stuff on your gift list.

What I also need is an encyclopedia of sorts to help me figure out what the heck is in my yard and how to prune it/keep it alive. If I had my way, I’d level the yard and just have grass. As you will come to know, I am not a nature person. I hate bugs, dirt, being cold or sweaty, and generally anything to with the outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty to look at…from the other side of a climate controlled window. However, with winter coming, the yard will be a future-Kelsey problem.

I’m sure that once everything is moved in and we’re done with the apartment, things will settle down. I’ll get a chance to set up my craft room the way that I want it to be and get started on a whole list of goals that I have for myself:

  1. Learn how to make bread from scratch in a bread maker.
  2. Organize a classy and thoughtful housewarming party.
  3. Figure out getting a Costco card of my own.
  4. Breaking out the sewing machine and get sewin’.
  5. Reconstruct my wardrobe to focus on high quality, classic pieces (more slow-fashion) with a mix of store bought and hand made.