Someone once told me “a home isn’t a home until an animal poops in it.” What if you don’t have any pets? How can you make the four walls of your home, your home? In a world where technology is increasing and the new generation of Millennials are being labeled as lazy and self-entitled, I challenge you to go outside your comfort zone and check out this Millennial’s challenge to “do it yourself”. I am not skilled in the trades of building furniture or plumbing, so don’t expect a blog that tells you how to do everything. My focus is more of answering questions like:

  • “Shit…there’s water dripping from the ceiling! What does that even mean?”
  • “So I’m too lazy to go to the grocery store and all I have is X, Y, and Z…what should I make for dinner?”
  • “So wifi is down (thank you internet provider who shall remain unnamed…), what can I do to fill my Saturday?”

I hope you jump on to the struggle bus and enjoy the sometimes hilarious and sometimes frustrating ride of adulting.